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NFL Maddens Music

 Madden NFL 11 sports monster title comes with a disc containing music. This soundtrack is an ideal representation of stadium music. The sound track of Madden NFL 11 has 23 tracks. The experience of ultimate live game day is recreated for the fans. It has a collection of stadium classics, NFL team fight and crowd favorite songs. Madden NFL 11 has a massive audience. It can be rightly called as mainstream cultural touchstone.

Madden 2011 symbolizes the essence of hardcore struggle. Sweeping reforms are replaced with long-standing systems. Madden 11's game flow is really magnificent. With these soundtracks you can enjoy football with the real-time enthusiasm. Till now Madden NFL 09's soundtrack is considered to be the best. But with the release of Madden NFL 11 you can surely expect it to beat the Madden 09 version. These classics will definitely bring the NFL fans to their feet. Madden NFL experienced an exciting audio direction with this soundtrack.
NFL 11 Classics:

These classics bring the NFL crowd to their feet. Madden 2011 soundtrack brings home the experience and excitement of live football that takes place in a packed stadium. Artists like Ozzy Osbourne, Kiss, Queen, Guns N' Roses, AC/DC, Blur, Bush, The Hives, Archie Eversole and others are pulled into this Madden 11 soundtrack. Official team fight songs of the Miami Dolphins, Green Bay Packers, Minessota Vikings, Washington Redskins and others are also featured in this game. The cover versions include Kernkraft 400, Crowd Chant, Rock N Roll Part 2, and We Will Rock You. Players can soak in the songs while crushing the opponents.

Original Recordings:

The Original recordings of Madden NFL 11 Soundtracks are

    * Blur's Sing 2
    * The Hive's Tick Tick Boom
    * Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train
    * AC/DC's Thunderstruck
    * Bush's Machinehead
    * Todd Rundgren's Bang the drum
    * Guns N Roses' Welcome to the Jungle
    * Archie Eversole's We Ready
    * Homebwoi's Halftime
    * Kiss's Rock and Roll All Nite
    * Ozzy Osbourne's Let Me Hear You Scream
    * Lil' Wayne's Let It Rock

Team Fight Songs:

The official team fight songs of Madden NFL 11 are

    * Washington Redskins' Hail to the Redskins
    * Detroit Lions' Gridiron Heroes
    * Miami Dolphins' Miami Dolphins #1
    * Philadelphia Eagles' Fly Eagles Fly
    * Chicago Bears' Bear Down Chicago Bears
    * Green Bay Packers' Go Packers Go!
    * Minnesota Vikings' Skol Vikings

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